Best-in-class partnerships

How We Work With Partners

VelociFoam works with the world’s best engineering and contracting firms via a technology licensing model. Those partners perform the installation work just as they would do so using a conventional (sand/gravel) approach.

The difference is that with VelociFoam it is all quicker, cheaper, safer and more secure.


Our partners acquire a license to operate the VelociFoam installation system, renewed annually.


We provide a concise and comprehensive training program to our partners, enabling them to certify personnel to perform VelociFoam installations.

Commercial Parameters:

We work with our partners within a commercial template that includes foam supply, equipment leasing and other commercial parameters

Relationship Management:

Our partners are able to get on with doing what they do best: winning bids and delivering great service for their clients.

We maintain strong relationships with our partners, we support them where required, we undertake periodic quality control and aim to put our partners in a position to succeed.