Velocifoam has developed a new highly innovative proprietary process for the installation of pipes that is significantly faster, cheaper, safer and more secure. 

The Challenge:

Many pipeline and installation projects face the challenge of stabilizing buried systems using non-native materials, such as graded aggregates that require compaction, or poured concrete that is environmentally unfriendly.

Due to the extensive nature of works (both physical and temporal) and the challenges of employing conventional installation materials and methods pipeline projects can often involve significant disturbance to the land, surrounding areas and communities. There can also be extensive debate about environmental impact of aspects as diverse as truck movements, silica dust exposure for work crews, and potential pipeline leaks.

The Solution

VelociFoam is a method of replacing the standard aggregate or concrete-based backfill systems that are used in the installation of buried assets, with alternative combinations of sprayed/poured polyurethane-based foams, plus native soils where possible.

This has two immediate advantages: it avoids the need for import of backfill material, which is often expensive and time-consuming, not to mention environmentally unfriendly, and it avoids the need to dispose of the excavated spoil.

VelociFoam reduces the duration of projects and their overall footprint, eliminates the majority of the silica dust risk (commensurate with reduced gravel use) and significantly reduces the risk of pipeline incursions or leaks.

Our proprietary globally patented technology provides the foundation for the global roll-out that is now underway in all strategically important territories.

The technology has been independently, academically verified and validated by one of Europe’s leading specialist energy engineering research institutions NTNU (Trondheim Technical University in Norway), with stunning results that show that VelociFoam performs 3 to 7 times better than aggregate in uniaxial geotechnical applications, and can replace concrete thrust blocks in most scenarios.

Example scenario:

A 35″ or 900mm unrestrained GRP 30° pipe bend, encased in 300mm of standard PU foam, with 30BAR of pressure and 2.5m/s flow, will experience less than 13mm of displacement in the ‘z’ direction and a maximum of 3.26mm in the ‘x’ direction, at the pipe couplers. 

The VelociFoam system can be applied to all kinds of pipes, including oil, gas and water pipes. It is also effective for undergrounding cables such as power and communications infrastructure.

We focus on novel solutions to complex problems and drive superior results.


Recent achievements include deploying the world’s most cost-effective hydropower system. That demonstration is now driving a rejuvenation of the entire hydropower sector, across several continents and many countries, wherein we can deliver game-changing power and project economics on a cost/KWh basis.