What is VelociFoam?

“VelociFoam is an innovative system that allows for the installation of pipes in as little as a quarter of the time and for as little as a quarter of the cost.”

VelociFoam is a method of replacing standard aggregate- or concrete-based backfill systems for buried pipelines and cables, with various combinations of sprayed and poured polyurethane foam, and native soils, where possible.

A full global roll-out of VelociFoam’s patented proprietary technology is now underway, with early emphasis on strategic markets and partnerships.

The technology has been independently, academically verified and validated by NTNU (Trondheim Technical University in Norway), with stunning results that show that VelociFoam performs 3 to 7 times better than aggregate in uniaxial geotechnical applications, and can replace concrete thrust blocks in most scenarios*.


Many pipeline and installation projects face the challenge of stabilising buried systems using non-native materials,

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VelociFoam solves the problem of expensive backfill by encasing the buried system in sprayed or poured polyurethane foam,

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